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Most companies that manage condominium and homeowner associations provide the same basic services.  These can be categorized in four areas: accounting, administrative, maintenance and covenant enforcement.  Carter Communities provides these services and strives to provide them at an exceptional level.


                                               Carter Communities provides monthly                                                   financial reports to the Board of

Directors.  These reports include copies of all paid invoices along wtih a balance sheet, income statement, check register, past due owners and bank statements.  Other reports are available upon request.  


Owners may pay their dues online by echecks, credit cards or traditional mail.  Payments can be set up for automatic payment through the association's bank or by an owner's personal bank's bill pay service.  


Our financial reports are easy to read and thorough and can be easily emailed to Board members in Excel or pdf format.  We place a priority in following up on past due accounts and work with the association’s attorney when outside means of collection become necessary.



                                                  Administrative tasks mean that we                                                          will be dealing with people, especially homeowners and Board members.  Our first goal is to treat these people courteously with dignity and respect.  We listen to people’s problems and concerns and find ways to meet their needs in as short of a time period as possible.  Our manager attends the Board meetings and offers to take the Board minutes during the meeting.  This takes a small burden off of the Board secretary, but more importantly helps Carter Communities focus on the tasks that need to be carried out within the association.  Our office and records are also well organized with an emphasis on taking advantage on all that technology can offer.


                                               Carter Communities is experienced in                                                      all phases of property maintenance from routine maintenance to major renovations.  We obtain competitive bids and have worked with engineers, architects and consultants on major projects which have included:  roof replacement, parking lot sealcoating & overlays, painting, tennis court & swimming pool restoration, replacement of condominium balconies, property drainage improvements, basement waterproofing, replacement of underground water lines, replacement of condominium vinyl & wood siding, replacement of windows, interior hallway renovations, and brick façade repair on a 24-story high-rise.

Covenant Enforcement

                                                 Carter Communities strictly enforces                                                               the association covenants to eliminate violations from within the association.  At the same time, we strive to be gracious and kind as we communicate with the residents.  We maintain a history of all violations and provide the Board with a log of current violations and correspondence. 

Recommendations from Board Members


“As an officer of the board of directors I highly recommend Scott Carter as a very professional, caring person.  His recommendations to us were well received and we always felt he was honest and forthright in his dealings with us.”  Virginia Proctor


“Scott Carter performs and conducts himself in a very professional and knowledgeable manner.”  Thomas Abbott


“I have dealt with four management corporations in the past twelve years as a homeowner and as a homeowners association board of directors member.  Scott Carter has represented the best endeavors I have observed.”  Alfred Cheatwood, Jr.


“Scott Carter is a very conscientious, intelligent, very dedicated, highly qualified, and a pleasant person to deal with.  I consider him to be a successful businessman and highly recommend him.”  J.W. Burrow


“Scott is excellent in maintenance of swimming pools and the construction maintenance of buildings.  He knows the legal aspect of real estate.”  Clarence Richardson


“Scott’s management skills were the key to a job well done.  Upon accepting our Association to manage and improve our situation, Scott immediately identified and took hold of the problem areas.  He developed a very logical approach to solving these problems and did so in a timely manner.  Scott also analyzed our financial picture and found ways to save us money and build some significant financial reserves.


Scott always approached all things in a professional manner and has the ability to remain focused to accomplish his goals.  I highly recommend Scott to any organization that has a need for a true professional and a team player.”  James Bradley


“As a board member I worked with Scott for three years on various projects.  Efficient, responsible, capable and pleasant are words I would use to describe his work approach.  Whenever there was a need, Scott was always prompt to assist or provide advice.  From my perspective, Scott is a superior management agent.”  Rosalie Lucas


“I found Scott to be very professional and responsive to our needs.  His knowledge of condominium law and his understanding of the duties and responsibility of a property manager served our Association well.  I would recommend Scott to any association considering the engagement of a property manager.”  Keith Brown


“I worked with Scott as a board member.  He took over management of our townhouses at a very difficult and unorganized time.  This was due to inexperienced and trusting Board Members, along with a management corporation that was not managing our properties well.  Things had deteriorated throughout the entire Village.  Scott came on board and assisted our board to function in a cohesive, thoughtful manner; organized our reserve finances to earn the highest dividends; hired ground personal that revived and refreshed our grounds; and obtained exterior maintenance to update all of our townhouse units.  In general, he brought our Village to showplace appearance and made this a much better environment in which to own and live.  His agreeable personality made our townhouse board meetings a pleasant and learning experience for all of the members to attend.  He is a very generous, sincere, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and hardworking person who gives 150% to his job and every project with which he is involved.”  Frances Dlugopolski


“I recommend Scott Carter very highly.  He was very prompt in following up his duties as administrator for our organization.  In addition to this, he is a very good diplomat in handling disputes that occasionally took place in the townhouses.”  Wade Pollard


“Being the previous president of the board of directors I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with Scott on a personal and professional level.  Scott was our property manager and resided over our board of director meetings.  Scott was a very fair and impartial individual who used the utmost tact regarding the basic decisions to ensure our community would run smoothly.”          Rita Trinkle


“Scott Carter was our property manager at Lake Forest Resort for the two years that I owned a unit there, including my one year as a member of the board of directors.  In all our dealings with him we found him to be knowledgeable, well-organized and helpful.  At the board meetings if was obvious that he had done his homework.  He brought important management matters to our attention, apprised us of our ongoing financial and potential legal positions on certain issues, and helped guide the board in appropriate decision making.  I have no hesitation in recommending him from the standpoint of his abilities as well as his character and reliability.”

Julian Koplen, MD


“During the time Scott managed the Lake Forest Condominiums, he did so proactively and professionally.  His efforts were in the best interest of the property owners, providing excellent counsel, fiduciary oversight and fostering a spirit of cooperation.”  Michael Bumpass


“Scott is a very capable manager of properties.  He listens, follows up and works in the best interests of all involved.”  Rod Rowan


“Scott Carter did a great job as property manager.  He not only improved the appearance of the property with improved maintenance services, but he also ensured our compliance with the condo documents.  He took the time needed to read and understand all the clauses of our legal documents.  He worked hard for us.”  Susan Beraglia


“Scott appeared to be very knowledgeable and adaptable when dealing with problems involving property management.  I would very much recommend him for any future endeavors.”

Richard Wisely


“I have had the profound pleasure of knowing Scott Carter for over 6 years.  Through those years I have found Scott to be trustworthy, honest and very thorough in any endeavor he undertakes.  Moreover, I was extremely impressed with his loyalty to his company and those clients he served.  I would not hesitate to recommend this person to handle any of my business that would concern the real estate field.”      John Oliver


“I would like to recommend Scott Carter as a professional in the area of real estate.  As a member of the board of directors for each association I found Mr. Carter to be very knowledgeable in matters concerning buildings and grounds, as well as up-to-date on information regarding multi-dwelling living.  All financial statements were presented on time and meetings were conducted in an orderly fashion.  I highly recommend him.”

Gilda Funderburke


“Scott Carter and I became acquainted as a result of the Meadowbrook Village Recreation Association.  I, in particular, was extremely pleased with is demeanor and professional manner of managing our affairs.”           Tom Dlugopolski


Scott Carter is an excellent property manager.  He is efficient, conscientious and has huge people skills.  His concern was always for the betterment of our community and was able to diffuse several adverse conditions to see that the goals of the Board were met both physically and financially.  Scott is an excellent leader.  His meetings are well thought out and prepared.”

Diane Simon


“Please let it be known that I have been personally been involved with Scott Carter in home owners associations and related matters.  I have found Mr. Carter to be a most competent and professional individual.  He has a quiet but firm personality that allows him to quite successfully bring together owners, suppliers and contractors in a unique and positive manner.”

Barrie Booth


“It is my pleasure to give personal reference to the moral and ethical manner in which Scott Carter conducts himself in the business community.  During my tenure as a board member I had to deal with several property managers.  One owned his own firm, the others were employed by a large real estate company.  Of these, Scott Carter performed head and shoulders above the rest.


Scott is a sound Christian gentleman, and conducts himself in this fashion when dealing with others.  He is grounded not only in this faith, but also in his dedication to his family and his profession.  Scott is attentive to detail, prompt in response time, and trustworthy.  Additionally, Scott is a forward thinker and anticipates situations so they won’t become problems.  I highly recommend Scott Carter to act on your behalf in the real estate arena.”            Linda Riffel


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